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Less fears and more opportunities. Start living in Belgium!

Start a new phase of life in Belgium with confidence!

Having successfully established ourselves in the Belgian market, we want to help anyone looking for new opportunities in this country. We care that you feel strong and confident when looking for a job or starting a business, pursuing a career, or wanting to learn a new language.


Upon arrival in Belgium, our team members can meet you and accompany you to your accommodation and help you settle in.


Housing is one of the most important stages in moving to a new country. We will find the most suitable accommodation for you, taking into account your needs and location.

Document Management.

Removing a resident card. We process the most important personal documents for living in Belgium.

Finding a Job.

We know the job market and help you find reliable employers in logistics, construction, electronics, manufacturing or more. Most demanded professions: transport drivers, builders, electricians, welders, order collectors.

Employment Contracts.

We help to conclude an employment contract with the employer, review all conditions before signing it, introduce all stages of employment.


We work with reliable and experienced insurance brokers, so we take care of your health, travel or other insurance, we help you get a European Health Insurance Card.

Bank Accounts.

We help you open a local bank account to receive your salary and other financial transactions.

Social guarantees.

We will introduce you to the social security provisions in force in Belgium and help you to fill in the necessary document forms to be entitled to all social security benefits.

Startup Consulting.

For those wishing to set up a business in Belgium, we advise on the choice of business form and other key issues for setting up a business.


We keep accounts for companies and individual activities in Belgium.

Tax Management.

We aim to comply with the laws of Belgium and pay all taxes when living, working or doing business, so we take care of all stages and documents of paying taxes.

Language Courses.

For successful integration in a new country, we direct newcomers to courses in the language of their choice.

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